Chelyabinsk state university

This classic university founded in 1976 provides to its graduates multilevel education in basic higher vocational education programs: Baccalaureate, speciality training, magistracy. It implements pre-university training, postgraduate vocational education, additional education and advanced training. Educational activities are carried out by 13 departments in 7 educational and research institutes. There are 4 Dissertation Councils for doctoral dissertations defense and 3 Councils for PhD dissertations defense. The lecturers of the State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education «CSU» are highly qualified professionals most of whom have academic degrees. PhDs, associate professors make up 53.4% of their total number, Doctors of Science, professors – 15.8%. The number of students enrolled in all forms of education is about 24 thousand.

CSU is the only Russian university that participated in the development of the European «Diploma Supplement», and in 2001 was the first to begin issuing them.
Since 1992, the CSU is engaged in training physically handicapped people. To date, the university has formed an innovative system of access to higher education for physically handicapped people. For those purposes, a special structure is provided – the Regional Centre of Education for Physically Handicapped People (RTSOI) that has no equivalent in Russian universities.


CSU – Classic university, classic education

Chelyabinsk State University (CSU) is a modern, dynamic university, combining in itself classic traditions and state-of-the art methods of higher education. We provide our students with education and training, which empowers them to meet the challenges of social and professional life.


Knowledge and expertise

CSU is oriented at providing a student with a perfect combination of applied and theoretical knowledge. The balance between the two is achieved by cooperation with the representatives of various fields. Working together with other universities helps us to broaden the view on the theory, and the cooperation with companies gives us the opportunity to hone expertise in almost every field of study.

We offer a wide range of Bachelor, Specialist and Master programmes in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, IT, Ecology, Chemistry, Foreign Languages and Philology, History,  Journalism, Psychology and Pedagogy, Economics, Management and Law.


Classic university

 There are three core concepts of classic university, which are the basis for CSU functioning: a wide range of specializations, students involvement in science, close connection of theoretic and applicable knowledge. These allow CSU to remain in touch with the changing social environment while preserving high standards of education. Thus, CSU meets the needs of every student and course participant, as well as provides them with the qualification required by labor market.

International cooperation 


CSU devotes a lot of effort to keep up with the latest innovative trends in education. This would not be possible without intense international cooperation, both with European and Eastern countries. CSU encourages periods of study and practice sessions abroad. On the other hand, a great number of international students is coming to CSU to pursue their education. To secure the international academic mobility, CSU has created a network of 30 partnering universities in Europe, Middle East and China, which includes Arnhem Business School of HAN University (the Netherlands), Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (Austria), The University of Westminster (UK), The University of Edinburgh (UK), The University of Limerick (The Republic of Ireland), Lille University of Science and Technology (France), The University of Montpellier 1 (France), Catholic University of Aechstaett – Ingolstadt (Austria), Shenian University (China), Beijing University of Russian Language (China), etc.

International cooperation of Faculty of Economics aims to ensure better integration of educational programs with international faculties and programs of economics and business training from foreign partner universities providing every student of CSU Faculty of Economics with competitive advantages and additional opportunities in the labor market.

The Faculty of Economics offers foreign and Russian students, teachers, and post-graduate students following international activities:

-         International internships

-         Short term international programs

-         Summer schools

-         Business games and trainings

-         Exchange semester